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Website Design Process and Stages

Your Homepage is Your Office EntranceMy passion is to assist my clients to present themselves and their business in a way that will welcome and attract their ideal clients.

Your homepage is like your office or business entrance. The way you present your office reveals a lot about how you do business with people and what you value. We work to convey a feeling and comfort level that will work for your customers.

I only build responsive and ergonomic websites at this time because the proliferation of phones and tablets has changed the web forever. All websites must become flexible and capable of use on all devices.

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Step 1: Define Website Content Structure

Initially we address the way in which your customers find you. If this is primarily via the search engine, then we research the types of terms they might look up. Based on the various categories of need people will research online, we build the categories of your website. Often what you want to tell the world is not exactly what the world is searching for. We find a way to match your offerings with the services your customers are seeking.

Step 2: Design Your Website Pages

Based on our discussion I provide full page designs of your website homepage and an interior landing page for you to approve. Since the users may visit on phone, tablet, or giant desktop/room monitor, then we need to design for each of those types of uses. There are more than 18,000 devices, so I do not design for devices. A design is presented in 2,000 1,000, and 320 pixels for a first view. These are "basic" sizes for panorama monitor, standard desktop/laptop and standard phone (as if one standard existed). The idea, though, is to help define the priority order of the content you wish to present in various settings.

Originally design was just for desktop, so multiple variations were quite economical. Now that three views of a website are essential, we limit the multiple designs I provide to the restrictions of your budget. Our relationship is an interactive one where I respond to your ideas, then our next discussion defines the next steps. It is a journey of discovery we take together. I do not build from existing templates so this permits you the broadest range of visual creativity and uniqueness.

Step 3: Code Your Design

Once a design is approved, I produce the html page code for your design. This is done to the most currrent standards. This is also done to the desired search engine specifications to enable your pages to load quickly and be scanned easily by the search engines. Your SEO tags are installed in this stage.

Step 4: Prepare Your Template

I prefer to work with an open-source content management system called "Joomla". This is an award-winning software and has a world-wide community of many thousands of developers. There are over 9,000 software extensions available at this time for Joomla websites so they can be fully equipped for the ease of search engines, social media, and almost any need you require. Go to to see a sample of this type of website and its administrative hosting panel. It is very easy to use when you wish to post articles or blog.

Step 5: Set up Your Website

If you do not already have your domain name and website hosting set up, I assist you to purchase these and see that you are set up with economical hosting that meets your requirements. Then I install your content management system, your new website template, and begin to build up your site. The process of domain name research is extensive, and I can provide this service as well if you need it.

Step 6: Install Your Website Content

If you are writing content from scratch or moving content from an existing site, it is moved for you page by page. I can also train you to do this.

Step 7: Provide Website Training

I usually create a pictorial website manual with screenshots and step by step instructions for you to do the website additions and maintenance you most want to do.

Step 8: Search Engine Strategy

After we are done building the site, then you may want assistance to market the site by positioning it in search. I work with you to build the service you need and assist you over time if you desire. This may or may not include posting on social media. This is another service I provide. Search engine support is not a one time thing. Development of continuous and evolving relationships with your clients and potential clients online is essential to build trust.